Booty Obsessed?

We're obsessed with booty's these days...big, full round ones. I should know, over the years I have developed my own bootaaay obsession. As I train for a Bikini competition in April I need these 58 year old glutes to be in high relief!! 

Back in the 80s having big beautiful butt didnt matter, I'n fact most butts were flat and skinny. Today, im going to share with you why its so much better to work it and twerk it to build that firm, high, solid foundation that helps supports the rest of our bodies.

Most people dont know that the glutes are a primary part of our 29 core muscles. Streghtening and building the glute muscles not only looks shapely and sexy but its a neccessary foundation for supporting the knees and the rest of our body.

As a bikini competitor I know having those glutes sitting way up firm and high can help win me that first- place trophy. A few years ago, I did a lot of trail running. It wasn't unusual for me to knock out 5-6 miles a couple of days a week rather than focusing on strengthening my glutes with any glute specific exercises. The results? Near disaster! My knees constantly hurt to the point where running wasn't a reasonable option. As my runnning days came to a close I joined the masses and enjoyed the gentle but challenging workouts yoga had to offer. I fell in love with Yoga and even became certified but it did little to put muscle on the booty.  Needing more cardio I would try to run again using foam rolling and massive amounts of stretching, this all helped a little but i would always end up back in pain and finally had to stop running all together.

In 2014 I started to train for a bikini competition, my training had to be very glute specific. The glutes are a big part of the bikini look so it was a requrirement that I build those glutes. I became facinated with Bret Contrera's book and could not put it down. I utilized his methods and sought out to train with with some of the best booty builders the West Coast has to offer. I learned that our glutes are like lazy lions, we've got to use them or we lose them and they are key for supporting our lower body joints such as hips knees and ankles. Having strong glutes has the power to make you a power house when sprinting or doing any sport. When a client complains about their knees I know after ruling out specific, obvious problems the best remedy is to strenghthen the glutes and it invariably works like magic.

Today I can run again pain free...I still do yoga and foam roll like any good athlete should but i know the key is strong glutes..and speaking of magic how many women who are edging toward 60 enjoy the guilty pleasure  enjoy the taking a peak at the back side and seeing a strong sculpted behind. Its this the result of good genetics, or thousands of dollars spent on an operating table? No! Everyone can enjoy the rush of peeking at their bootay Bobbi has built by simply doing what I do. 

 Get started today and click here to sign up for my in home bootay workoutand join me in building a stronger bootay. . 

How I got my best body over age 50

Not everyone needs to compete in a bikini competiton to get in shape.

Being a personal trainer I had always worked out...but eating right consistently  over a period of 3 month was what really made the difference for me. I always knew how to eat but having the pressure of standing in front of a group of people with hardly any clothes on was the motivation I needed to tighten up my diet and shave off that extra 10-15lbs...and since I know what to eat and how much to exercise