Here are your 5 Most Effective Glute Exercises you can do in just 10 min a day. Perform each exercise 20 times each consecutively 5 days a week. When performing single legs do 10 on each side. Remember it's not about how many you do but how you do them. So go slow and make each rep count.  Make sure to keep the glutes activated by squeezing them at the top of each contraction. This way you will create the mind-to-muscle connection that makes each movement count. Please feel free to e mail me with any additional questions or just say hi and let me know how your doing!


1. Glute Bridge

Lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Push your hips into the air using your buttocks muscles and keep your back straight and in alignment with your hips. Avoid arching your back. Squeeze glutes and lift hips towards the ceiling.


2. Single Leg Hip Lift

Lie on your back on the floor, arms down by your sides, right leg bent with your right heel on a bench, and left leg extended straight up in the air. 

Exhale as you press through your right heel to lift your hips off the floor until they are in line with your thighs, then inhale as you lower your hips back towards the ground, stopping when they are within an inch of the floor. 

Repeat all reps then switch sides.


3. Single Leg Dead Lift 

Root your foot by gently stomping your foot on to the ground. In order to complete a successful rep you must have all 5 toes on your stabilizing leg and your heel firmly planted on to the floor.

Slowly hinge your hips back while also hinging your knee until you have a very flat back.  (No rounding of the back is permitted!)
The moving leg should be straight out behind you, with minimal knee bend to keep your spine aligned properly.  Remember that the torso and the back leg have a seesaw relationship so the higher your back leg goes, the lower your chest goes, being careful to never let your chest drop lower than your hips.

As you hinge forward and sit deep in to the single deadlift position, your vision should be straight ahead or on the floor about four to six feet in front.

Using the hand of the leg that is off the floor (other hand can be used outside the body for balance) try to touch down to floor or shin without losing your form, make sure your shoulder is pulled back so your lat engages properly during the entire movement. If you start to lose form simply bend the knee of the leg that is on the ground and sqeeze your glute. You can also hold onto to a chair or something for balance if you feel too unstable. 


4. Froggy Glute Squeezes

Laying on stomach bend the kness and touch the whole palms of the feet together-this will help to angle the knees outward-squeeze the glutes and lift. Try to keep the core engaged throughout the exercise and you can turn this into a great abdominal and back workout as well.

Focus on lifting the heels vertically up as high as possible so that your thighs lift clear of the ground – keep the thighs and knees angled outwards throughout the motion.

Make sure the movement is originating from the glutes and not from arching your back. Keep the movement slow and controlled and pause at the top for extra effectiveness.

Squeezing the heels together will add another level of glute activation to this exercise (as if it couldn’t get any better already).


5. Walking Lunges

Begin standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands on your hips.

Step forward with one leg, flexing the knees to drop your hips. Descend until your rear knee nearly touches the ground. Your posture should remain upright, and your front knee should stay above the front foot. 

Drive through the heel of your lead foot and extend both knees to raise yourself back up.

Step forward with your rear foot, repeating the lunge on the opposite leg.