Get Great Glutes: Week Three

Single-Leg Exercises

Keyword: Balance

Welcome to week three of Get Great Glutes workout!

We all have one side of the body that is more dominant than the other. This week you’ll learn which side is stronger when it comes to your glutes. Your stronger glute has been helping your weaker side in every movement you make. The exercises this week will target and strengthen your weaker side.

This week we are focusing on balance.

This Week’s Goal

Improve your weaker side glute muscles using` single leg exercises.

*Head’s up: I will be adding a bonus exercise mid-week, so be sure to watch for my FB live.

Week Three Warm-Up: 2x

Week Three Workout

Do the entire workout four days this week.


Go through exercises one through five a total of three times.

1. Single Leg Hip Lifts: 10x each side

2. Speed Skaters: 20x total (10 on each side)

3. Single leg dead-lift with or without band: 10x each side

4. Glute Kick-backs: 10x each side

5. Lateral band squats 20x each side

Cool Down