Get Great Glutes Camp - Starts September 1


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Hi, My name is Bobbi Parker Hall and I have been helping women get in shape for over 25 years! 

I have spent the last 5 years field-testing the best glute exercises according to scientific research. 

MY glute-obsession knows no bounds! I have devoured books from all the leading experts, spent thousands of dollars going to seminars, learned from the best of the best, plus, I have worked on getting results with my own stubborn glutes and those of my clients. 

I have done all of the hard work for you by narrowing a mountain of methods down to the world’s most effective exercises to get your glutes activated and firing properly.

And now I am ready to bring it all to you in my first official launch of GET GREAT GLUTES CAMP!

So here is what you will get when you invest $97.00 in GET GREAT GLUTES CAMP


For only $97.00 you get 6 weeks of expert glute workouts that take only 20-30 minutes a day!

You will be shocked at how quickly your glutes will respond when you train them correctly. 

GREAT GLUTES CAMP is not only about getting a BADASS looking BOOTY, it is also about protecting your future quality of life by strengthening the main powerhouse to your locomotor movements such as balance, stabilization, running and walking.

You will not only look better but you will be able to get up out of that chair faster, go up those stairs easier and generally feel all around more stable and strong. 

Got bad Knees? Did you know that strengthening your glutes is one of the best ways to take that load off your knees? Its helps you transfer the power and the load off the knees and to your behind where it should be.


Week 1: Meet your glutes! Get them ready 

  • You will learn how to connect to your glutes by learning the basics of mind to muscle connection with glute activation drills, floor band work, and exercises emphasizing proper form, and tempo for maximum results.

Week 2: Squats, Deadlifts, lunges

  • Building on your knowledge from Week 1, you will learn how to combine squats, lunges and deadlifts, tailor them perfectly to your own personal fitness and how to recognize when your body is ready to progress to the next level.

Week 3: Single Leg Exercises.

  • Why let one side have all the fun? Learn how to make both glutes work equally for it! Whether you know it or not, we all unconsciously favor one leg. If we don’t add these SL exercises then one side is usually going to carry the load for the other. Dont cheat yourself (or your booty) these are a MUST to add to your glute routine.

Week 4: Plyometric Booty Work

  • This is where fanny work becomes fun! In week 3, you will add carefully selected moves that break up the monotony and add excitement to your workout routine. The cold, hard truth is that the most efficient booty exercises include jumping and explosive moves. You will learn how to execute each move in the safest way possible to insure you land correctly and softly, but still give your butt the benefit of burning calories and exhausting the glute muscles so they quickly get peachy firm. If jumping is not your thang, I can help you find success with alternative moves. 

Week 5: Glutes and Core

  • Did you know that the glutes are one of your most basic core muscles? And, did you know that squats rank as one of the best Ab exercises you can do? That’s right, Sistah! Why not add some core work while you’re on the floor twerking that booty band too? In Week 5, I’ll teach you how to tighten those abs at the same time you are lifting your booty. Call it whatever you want, but getting tight abs in a booty building camp is definitely a bonus!

Week 6: Putting it all together

  • Workouts in Week 6 are going to combine all of the elements you have learned. Can you say GLUTES ON FIRE! I will personally make sure you walk away from this challenge understanding each move and how to keep progressing forward in a program customized uniquely for you! 


  • Reviewing each exercise move for the upcoming weekly workout to insure you will always know how to do it safely and correctly.

  • Understanding the basic anatomy of the glute muscles so you understand how to work with them, rather than against your body’s structure.

  • How to make your own COFFEE BEAN Cellulite Scrubs!

  • Which Cardio option is the best for you? (High Intensity Interval Training/HITT, SPRINTING, TABATAS)

  • How to eat clean and reduce inflammation by using my tried and true FOOD LIST.

  • Answer all your questions.


If you want in fill in the form on the right to enroll and I will get you on the roster for GET GREAT GLUTES CAMP-but hurry because you will want to have time to get set up and order your bands if you need to!

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